Those unlucky few still populating this world after [REDACTED] don't like to waste resources, but the Wasteland is called that for a reason. Things get lost, things get stolen, things find so many ways to disappear you wouldn't believe. So if you want your thing — any thing — to reach its destination safely, you gotta hire someone with wheels, fuel, a gun, and a death wish.

Someone from...

Ah. You seek to work for us? Then we hope your driving skills and your aim are reliable, all insurance agencies have burned down decades ago. Oh, and don't expect GPS satellites to be useful...

But don't worry, we'll draw you a map. And if you can survive a few jobs you might even afford a better weapon.

Welcome aboard, you crazy bastard. Get on with your first delivery!


- WASD/Left Stick: Drive
- Mouse/Right Stick: Aim
- LMB/R1: Shoot
- RMB/Space/D-pad down: Connect
- Tab/Start: Map


- Programming by yogurtthehorse

- Art by 13x666 and Gmiss

- Music and Sound by kiberptah


Tyres screeching sound sample:


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Windows 37 MB
Mac OS Universal 47 MB

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