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Game for Itmo Game Jam 2020.

It's a multiplayer game for 2-4 players, but as a prototype it supports only direct connect (you should open tcp/7778 port).

Rules are simple.

  1. 2-4 players connect
  2.  Choose three items as weapons
  3. Start fighting.

To throw drag an object while holding a left mouse button. To rotate the camera, move mouse while holding right button. You can't throw objects that another player spawned even if they already on your side. And you can't drag items that are too far from you.

That's it

Warning: to reset the game you need to relaunch entire game (server and clients), because we didn't have time to add reset feature.  Maybe will be fixed tomorrow, also maybe there will be a mac version


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Windows x64 22 MB
Linux x64 version 25 MB
Windows x64 headless server 21 MB
Linux x64 headless server 24 MB
Mac OS version 23 MB

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